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Admissions of ICOC Leaders

Jul 31st, 2010 | By | Category: Apology, Compensation, Contribution, Finances, Salary, Special Missions Contribution, Wrongdoings

Administrators Manipulated by Evangelists
Boards Stripped of Customary Powers
Churches Paying Other Entities
Coercion to “Volunteer” for HOPE
Coercion to Give Money
Conflicts of Interest: Board of Directors Stacked with Staff Members and not Non-Staff Members
Contribution for the Poor Converted to Other Uses
Conversion of Funds
Deceit and Insincerity
Dubious Statements
Extravagance/Inurement of Benefit
Failure to Communicate/Allowing Misconceptions
Finances Not Open to Members
Financial Mismanagement or Incompetence
Inappropriate Compensation Levels
Local Churches “Controlled By” Other Corporations
Negligence of Primary Spiritual Responsibility for Local Membership
Overspending on Administrative Overhead
Promises of Future Openness
Salary Levels Unfair to Members
Special Missions Contribution Accounting
Worldliness in Financial Behavior

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