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Apology Letters

Jul 31st, 2010 | By | Category: Apology, Wrongdoings has found many of the apology letters that were written by ICOC leaders after the famous “Henry Kriete Letter” of 2003.  Among the important things revealed are the numerous statements from the churches that they would no longer allow themselves to be controlled by any other church.  The reason this is particularly important is that it goes to show that it was generally accepted as true that all the churches were under the control of ICOC, Inc., which is exactly contrary to what each of them told the IRS when applying for their tax-exempt status. invites critical analysis of these letters—not with primary regard to doctrine, but to fraud and misrepresentation.  Further, anyone who has information as to any of the false or revealing statements contained herein is invited to submit such information to

Church Apology Letters

In July 2003  Kip McKean releases Revolution to Restoration III – From Babylon to Zion sometimes called RtR III – Events of 2003 are discussed in this letter.

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