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Failure to Communicate/Allowing Misconceptions

Aug 7th, 2010 | By | Category: Apology, Compensation, Contribution, Finances, Incompetence, Salary, Special Missions Contribution, Wrongdoings

“The CSA Leadership has failed to communicate adequately with the churches in our group especially about the finances and administration of special contributions. ”
CSA Leadership Letter — Spring 2003

“Their failure to provide an effective communication channel caused many disciples to feel excluded and disconnected from the administration and finances of the CSA World Sector.”
CSA Leadership Letter — Spring 2003

  • One wonders what feelings of exclusion would have resulted if the members had KNOWN how the money was being spent!

“In particular, they express their sorrow that some members have been under the impression that all the money collected through their churches’ special contributions was distributed directly to Latin America. Although the majority of the CSA contributions were sent directly to the mission field, a percentage was also used to support the administrative and ministry oversight of the world sector. ”
CSA Leadership Letter — Spring 2003

  • Note that the specific “percentage” is not given, though it becomes clear later in this letter that it was over 20%, which is the generally accepted high mark for administrative overhead for a non-profit.

“We are concerned that the Board in the past may not have consistently and fully communicated with you about the financial and administrative affairs of the Church.”
Washington, D.C. Church Apology Letter
— March 1, 2003

“Perhaps the largest outside funding commitment the Church makes is our annual special mission’s contribution. This year the Board has attempted to provide detailed information to you regarding how this money is used in a financial and mission’s presentation and regional follow up sessions.”
Washington, D.C. Church Apology Letter — March 1, 2003

  • Translation: “In the past, we have not deemed you members worthy of knowing how we were spending your restricted contributions.”

“We are also sorry for not explaining and clarifying the reasons for discontinuing the use of the MMCC building in San Juan which caused many to doubt the financial integrity of the full time leadership. ”
Manila Apology Letter — March 30, 2003

“Regarding our finances, there will be greater transparency in leadership decisions and finances, including staff spending.”
Manila Apology Letter — March 30, 2003

“We are in the process of making major changes in the area of financial accountability.”
Manila Apology Letter — March 30, 2003

“At this time Gary Hedman is preparing a report of our local expenditures. This will be a detailed account of how our money was spent locally. This information should have been provided earlier and it reflects a lack of sensitivity on our part in not providing a more detailed account. A detailed analysis of staff salaries will be provided.”
Minneapolis/St. Paul Apology Letter — March 12, 2003

“We have requested that the church in Seattle provide for us a specific accounting of how our special contribution has been spent. They have committed to sending someone to Minneapolis on either March 26th or April 2 to give a financial presentation regarding these maters”
Minneapolis/St. Paul Apology Letter — March 12, 2003

“Overall, we have done a poor job over the years of including you in decision making, overseeing the church budget and mission’s contribution, planning special events, setting visions and dreams for the church, and being involved in holding us more accountable for our lives”
St. Louis Apology Letter — March 12, 2003

“But I long as much as any of you for our finances to be clear to you. There has been no misappropriation of funds.”
Steve Johnson Apology — Spring 2003

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