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Local Churches “Controlled By” Other Corporations

Aug 7th, 2010 | By | Category: Apology, Compensation, Contribution, Finances, Salary, Special Missions Contribution, Wrongdoings

“…the decision-making of The Nashville Church would be made in Nashville by the local church leadership and not by another church or “discipler” in another city. ”
Nashville Church Apology Letter — Spring 2003

“There will be no more hierarchical control coming from another church toward us or from us toward another church. We do deeply desire to be unified with other churches of like mind and heart, but we wish it to be a true unity and not a forced one. Because of the corporate structure we have had, there have been burdens placed on our church, financial and otherwise, which have weakened it. As well, we have weakened other smaller churches by asking members to move from those smaller churches to Nashville, and, in doing so, we have caused harm to the smaller churches. ”
Nashville Church Apology Letter — Spring 2003

“There is no longer a World Sector Discipling Group making decisions for the churches. There are no longer World Sector Leaders. We will work together in love and unity for the common goal of seeing the world won for Christ but we will do this with loving persuasion and not authoritative demands. ”
Guillermo Adame Letter – Monday, April 14, 2003

“The New Testament model for governing the church is one where elders and other spiritually qualified individuals make decisions for a local congregation. This group worked with the evangelist of the congregation to set the course of the teaching, evangelism and finances. To our shame, that has not been the case. The past has been one of pressure and control from outside individuals. We sincerely ask your forgiveness for allowing this as it has hurt many of you individually as well as the church collectively. We have allowed other churches and needs dictate many of our decisions as to the direction of the South Florida Church. ”
South Florida Apology Letter — March 9, 2003

“Since November, the elders have been autonomous in their decisions regarding the direction of the church. No one and no church, Los Angeles or otherwise, has been directing or commanding any decisions as to staff, use of money, goals, the day to day ministry or any other activity of the church.”
South Florida Apology Letter — March 9, 2003

“Each local church has been designed by God to be able to manage its own affairs and make its own decisions. Sadly, that has not been the case here. The past has been one of pressure and control from outside individuals. Often decisions have been made which were not in the best interests of the church in Minneapolis.”
Minneapolis/St. Paul Apology Letter — March 12, 2003

“We tolerated and, in some cases, participated in calling for people and money to be sent from other churches to strengthen the LA church, regardless of the weakening effect on the sending church.”
Los Angeles Apology Letter — February 28, 2003

“Over the years the Minneapolis church has not had true control over its own finances.”
Minneapolis/St. Paul Apology Letter — March 12, 2003

“What has changed financially: The New York City Church is financially independent of the ICOC, ACES World Sector or any other congregation or association of churches.”
New York Apology Letter — Spring 2003

  • Note: Many ICOC churches told the IRS that they were NOT “financially accountable to any other organization”. If NYCCOC made this claim to IRS in an attempt to gain tax-exempt status, it was tax fraud.

“Over the years, we have allowed the plundering of our church by other congregations, though we felt in our hearts that it was wrong.”
Orlando Apology Letter — Spring 2003

“We have followed the directives over people we viewed as over us without deep study and consideration of the impact on the congregation here.”
Orlando Apology Letter — Spring 2003

“With the dissolution of the world sector leaders group God was unleashing the local churches from a centralized authority so that each leader and disciple could dedicate themselves to evangelizing their city. ”
San Francisco — The Road Ahead — June 15, 2003

“The concept of “free will giving” seen in the scriptures will henceforth also apply to us as a congregation, meaning that we will no longer as a congregation have financial decisions made for us by other congregations or pillar churches.”
Toronto Apology Letter — April 9, 2003

“Decisions influenced from outside churches”
Toronto Apology Letter — April 9, 2003

“The new board will represent a broad cross section of the congregation, and will have broader influence and review capability to deal with financial issues and questions than in the past… ”
Steve Johnson Apology — Spring 2003

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