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Middle East World Sector

Aug 1st, 2010 | By | Category: Documents, Finances, Middle East World Sector, Special Missions Contribution, World Sector

October 2010 Update:  Cory Blackwell has joined Kip McKean and the Sold Out Discipling Movement – “Elena and I drove from LA to Rancho Mirage two hours for Sunday’s Worship Service with Cory Blackwell and his daughter and son. Cory grew up as a Muslim, became a denominational Christian, and then through Bill & Lisa Hamilton’s efforts in Chicago, became a baptized disciple in 1990. (Cory was an NBA player for the Seattle Supersonics in the mid 80’s, before he became a Christian with his wife, who later divorced Cory and fell away.) Cory came to LA as a young disciple in 1991, where we worked together to start The Cross & Switchblade Ministry with just 18 disciples. Later, we renamed this outreach – the South Central Region, which by the year 2000 grew to 1000 disciples! Cory became a World Sector Leader in 1994 for the most challenging of all the World Sectors – The Middle East. Under his valiant leadership, the Middle East World Sector spread from three countries to 20! Sunday at the retreat was Cory’s second Worship Service with us, (he attended the All Congregational Service last Sunday), and he has decided to place membership with us, knowing it will cost him several relationships in the ICOC. (John 12:42-43) He is composing an open letter to what remains of the ICOC to explain his decision, and to invite all he knows to join him in God’s new movement! This exciting document will be printed in the City of Angels Church Bulletin, as well as posted on all our websites! Truly, our God is gathering His people for His new movement “from the farthest horizons!” (Nehemiah 1:8-9)

Lead  by Cory and Megan Blackwell from 1993 to 2000

Lead by Kip and Elena McKean from 2000 to 2002

Lead by Andy and Tammy Fleming 2002 to current.

Andy Fleming, current administrator of Middle East World Sector, and member of the board of other ICOC corporations, admits that SMC funds in the past were considered “unrestricted” funds (although they were advertised as being for the specific purpose of missions).  Fleming says that as much as 50% was funneled off to meet LOCAL administrative overhead in US Churches.

“The Middle East World Sector has provided financial information from 1995 forward and subsequently Andy Fleming, who currently oversees those funds, came and met with the Board to respond to our questions. In the course of reviewing this financial information and meeting with Andy we learned that between 1995 and 2002 monies sent to the Middle East World Sector were “Unrestricted” and only 50-55% was actually directly supporting foreign missions. In a letter from Andy to the San Diego Church of Christ dated October 29, 2005 he explains how the funds were used.”

2001 ICOC Policy stating that SMC money was supposed to be RESTRICTED funds.

In 2006 Andy Fleming released a Missions Support Report where he outlined the changes to each World Sector and how they would be funded.

2006 – MEWS Financial Plan (released May, 2006)

2006 – MEWS Newsletter (released May, 2006)

2006 – MEWS Financial Plan Overview (January, 2006)

2006 – MEWS Financial Plan Detail Budget Sheet (January, 2006)

2005 – Randy Haragan fielding questions about the recent admission by Fleming about how MEWS money is used.

2005 – San Diego Church of Christ Board of Directors Missions Report

2005 – Memo from Andy Fleming to the San Diego Church – MEWS’s 2005 Grant Request & Financial Update

2005 – Memo from Andy Fleming to Congregational Leadership

2005 – 2005 MEWS Financial Plan Overview

2005 – 2005 MEWS Financial Plan Detail Budget Sheet

2005 – MEWS News Letter

2004 – MEWS News Letter

2003 – MEWS News Letter

2000 – 2000-2001 MEWS Financial Statement

1999 – 1999-2000 MEWS Financial Statement

1998 – 1998 MEWS Association Agreement – This is the agreement that binds the San Diego Church with MEWS

1998 – 1998-1999 MEWS Financial Statement

1997 – 1997-1998 MEWS Financial Statement

1995 – 1995-1996 MEWS Financial Statement

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