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Negligence of Primary Spiritual Responsibility for Local Membership

Aug 7th, 2010 | By | Category: Apology, Compensation, Contribution, Finances, Incompetence, Salary, Special Missions Contribution, Wrongdoings

“Not protecting the churches in San Diego and the Southwest. These churches have been incredibly sacrificial. We have sent hundreds of people as well as millions of dollars to support missions and ministries around the world. However, our churches have been hurt so that others could be built up. We have lacked people and funds for our teen, campus, singles and other ministries.”
Guillermo Adame Letter – Monday, April 14, 2003

“Currently, we are unaware of local benevolence requests from our membership that have gone unmet. However, we have heard that perhaps some needs have not come to our attention and, in order to address this, the Board, along with local leadership, is in the process of appointing local benevolence deacons in each Region.”
Washington, D.C. Church Apology Letter — March 1, 2003

“In an effort to keep moving forward, many important needs in the church were overlooked.”
Manila Apology Letter — March 30, 2003

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