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Aug 20th, 2010 | By | Category: Featured


We all witnessed inappropriate things in the ICOC. We need witnesses who are willing to come forward about what they witnessed, putting it in writing in a sworn statement. While there is a great deal that could be shared, however, the scope of this website is limited to evidence of financial wrongdoing, including whatever lies, concealment, or misrepresentation might have been committed to keep a better-than-deserved reputation for the church among its members.

We want to build such a collection of witnesses that the “not in MY church” crowd will be silenced, and that the IRS and other government agencies can tell at a glance that these were widespread and deliberate crimes. Therefore, we need witnesses of the ordinary events just as much as witnesses of the extraordinary. For instance, we need people to state that they repeatedly heard it said from the pulpit that Contribution for the Poor was to be used for “local benevolence”. Certainly, there are thousands of us who can attest to this quite naturally, so if we get a few dozen affidavits to that effect, this will fully document the fraudulent advertisement for this collection (that rarely went “for the poor”).

Other habitual financial wrongdoings that need to be documented are:

  • Coercion to give. (Hell-threatening sermons, Bible talk leaders showing up at your house after you missed Midweek, embarrassing you for not making a SMC “multiple”, etc.)
  • Statements by leadership to the effect that they had given up very lucrative careers in the world, making great financial sacrifices.
  • Statements by leadership to the effect that Special Missions Contribution is/was an “urgent” need.
  • Statements about the impeccable way that ICOC finances were handled, such as “….never besmirched by sexual or financial scandal”.
  • Statements about what the regular weekly contribution was to be used for.
  • Being forced to “volunteer” for HOPE.
  • The local directions as to whether HOPE and the church were separate.

You can play a part in this effort to shine light on the ICOC by simply detailing what you witnessed over and over.

And there’s always room for the “smoking gun” type of witness, who witnessed extraordinary things. For instance, we have many reports of cover-ups of unconscionable immoral behavior on the part of ICOC leaders. This is very important because it shows that they were willing to excuse themselves from the “radical repentance” that was demanded from regular members if it meant protecting the reputation of the church.

Some of the not-so-routine things we need witnesses to document are:

  • The Chuck Lucas homosexuality cover-up.
  • Other concealed incidents of immoral behavior by leaders.
  • Overheard statements by leaders regarding any sort of cover-up.
  • The “missing” contribution for Russia.
  • Money laundering in foreign countries.
  • Lies told to gain access to foreign countries.
  • The scandal.
  • HOPE Worldwide extravagance.

If you will give a sworn statement, that’s very beneficial. However, if you desire to remain anonymous, we will still be assisted by hearing your story. If you’re not sure if what you have will be helpful, just email and ask!


We need original ICOC/HOPE documents. Here are some examples of what we’re looking for:

  • ICOC Administrative Guidelines from any year
November 15, 1993:
The Administrative policies for the International Churches of Christ
are published by the Los Angeles Church with approval by World Sector
Leaders.  The Church guidelines contain detailed policies for each of
the churches, the definitions of roles in the ICC and the leadership
succession of the World Sector Leaders and the Leader of the movement,
the Leader of the World Sector Leaders.  Additional revisions to the
administrative guidelines for the Churches are also included in the
  • Any local Charter Affiliation Agreements.
  • ICOC Salary Model for any year.
  • ICOC World Financial Plan
  • ICOC Six Year Plan
  • Budgets and Actuals for any year, any congregation.
  • Balance Sheets for any month/year, any congregation.
  • Non-Disclosure Forms
  • Severance Packages
  • Bonuses paid to any employee or related party.
  • Real Estate records for any ICOC holdings, or for properties owned by leaders
  • Bylaws for any ICOC corporate entity, any year
  • Corporate Charters for any ICOC entity, any year.
  • ICOC Memos, Emails, Correspondence, whether from ICOC, Inc. or from any local congregation.
  • Any HOPE publications, pamphlets, requests for donations, etc.
  • Any hardcopies of any ICOC publication—books, magazines, flyers, etc.

Please email us to ask whether we still need what you have before you spend any money on shipping. Also, note that we will accept and post documents in .pdf versions, provided we have no reason to suspect their authenticity, but please ask before sending any attachments via email.


We need people with Internet research skills to handle some projects. For instance, we’ll be putting together a brief profile on every U.S. ICOC congregation, detailing its founding, leadership, etc. This could be a fairly simple project for someone who is familiar with a congregation. And there will be other projects as well. Some could take you an hour; some could take a month. If you’re interested in volunteering, please send us an email.


Analysis is a big goal of our website. We need writers who can take a simple topic and write a concise and factual essay, providing frequent links to the facts listed on this site. (No, you don’t need to be a web developer, just a good writer! We can create the hyperlinks for you, but we want to you to be thinking like an Internet writer.)

If you’d like to volunteer to write, please send us an email.

Project Coordinators

We need a few team players who could coordinate writers and researchers. For instance, it would be great to have someone coordinating the church biographies. Or to have someone oversee developments concerning HOPE would be good.
Please email us if you have a few hours each week to devote to such a project.


Websites cost money. So do copies of documents ordered from the IRS and from the various state governments. So do scanners and postage and file cabinets and long distance and security systems. You get the idea!

Before this site ever launched, it was already supported by hundreds of hours of donated research. And we plan to keep growing until we have had the desired effect of bringing about full financial disclosure in the ICOC.

Chances are you gave many of your weekly “regular” contributions to help build the ICOC’s financial mess. What if you could shell out just one more contribution to help shine the light in the darkness?

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