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Evangelization Proclamation

Sep 16th, 2010 | By | Category: Documents, Kip McKean, Teachings

The Evangelization Proclamation penned by Kip McKean was signed and implemented by his World Sector Leaders on February 4, 1994. This document was the plan and commitment to plant a church in every nation with a city of over 100,000 by the year 2000. Up to that point, there were churches in 53 nations over a 15 year span. Now the challenge was to go to an additional 111 nations in six years. (Heaven and Earth, LA Story, Feb. 1994)

“Therefore in the presence of God and Christ Jesus who will judge the living and the dead and in view of his appearing and his kingdom we give you this charge: Give to God your dreams, energies, health, finances, intellects, families, and yes, even your life, to plant churches in the remaining 111 nations by the year 2000.”

This placed a huge burden on all the churches worldwide to supply money and people to attain this goal. During the next six years various statements were made as to how the church was performing in accomplishing the goal. Sometimes articles stated that the goal would be accomplished “by the year 2000” and sometimes “by the end of 2000” depending on how the plantings were going. There was some confusion on the members part as to when the goal was considered accomplished.

McKean proclaimed the goal was complete in July of 2000 and even completed 6 months early at the Jubilee 2000.

By 1994 we wrote the Evangelization Proclamation. It was signed by each one of the World Sector Leaders. We challenged the brotherhood to join us to do whatever it took, that by the end of the year 2000, that we would plant a true church in every nation that had a city with at least 100,000 population.

“…I am excited to be able to announce tonight, that as of this moment God’s movement has 392 churches, in yes, 171 nations: we have completed the Six-Year Plan six months early. To God be the glory. Let this be a testimony: this is not a movement of man, it is the modern-day movement of God, are you with me church?” Kip McKean, Known but to God, American Commonwealth Region Conference, Washington, D.C., audiotape, July 7, 2000

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