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Henry Kriete Letter

Sep 15th, 2010 | By | Category: Documents, Henry Kriete

Honest to God February 3, 2003

Sometimes called the HKL.  Henry Kriete a leader in the London Church releases a letter to other leaders about his concerns with the ICOC system.

“I wrote an OPEN letter-eventually I knew it would be read by many and this was my hope. However, I sent it to about 30 teachers and elders etc first for a response. Also ,we had 40 elected reps in the UK to help with our transition, and I gave them the paper(Feb 2) to let them know where I was at and to encourage them. Matt Wolpert was in that group.Once he read the paper he would not even wait for a week for my ‘go ahead’ because he felt morally obligated to ‘get it out now’We exchanged a few words, but he would not be dissuaded,he did not want to wait for even a week- and posted it.Matt and I are good friends. My intention was for it to go out, and I knew it would. But only a week or two later to give those of us ‘guilty as charged’time to respond. I think God had other plans-it spread like fire ‘because the people wanted it to’ Hope that helps. Matt would concur.” Henry Kriete, Delphi Forms, March 2003

An investigator prepared an analysis of the HKL

Responses from several ICOC leaders to the HKL

Gordon Ferguson Response #1

Gordon Ferguson #2

John Mannels Response

Marty Wooten

Wyndham Shaw

Doug Jacoby

2005 – Henry wrote another letter.  This time to his friend Steve Staten and gives his view of the state of the ICOC.

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