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HOPEworldwide Financials

Sep 2nd, 2010 | By | Category: Affidavit, Apology, Documents, Finances, Hope Worldwide World Sector, World Sector

April 15, 2003 – Bob Gempel sends a confidential memo to disciples of the International Churches of Christ

“In my discussions with church leaders in recent weeks, I’ve learned that from a financial perspective, the corporate operation of HOPEworldwide is a mystery. They tell me that they have no idea how their money is being used and that, in the absence of feedback, it is becoming increasingly difficult to justify continued support….I deeply apologize for having taken you and your tremendous sacrifices for granted and want to communicate that HOPEworldwide is committed to changing our relationship with you.”

May 16, 2003 – Bob Gempel admitted that 100% of the money collected from ICOC churches never went to help the poor.  It was ALL used for salaries and administrative overhead.

“Mr. Gempel explained that HOPE collected funds from all ICOC churches through what was known as a Management Fee. This fee was 4% of each churches local budget. He explained that various churches would collect this fee from their individual members in various methods, from annual fund-raising events, weekly Poor Contributions, or through a line-item budget entry. HOPE considered this collection taken from the ICOC churches to be “unrestricted” donations.

Mr. Gempel explained the meaning of “unrestricted” versus “restricted” funds with HOPE. Restricted funds were to be used for specific programs within HOPE, unrestricted funds were used for salary and administrative overhead. HOPE would then solicit donations from corporations and promised these corporate donors that 100% of their donation would go to fund specific programs because the administrative costs were covered by the ICOC donations, therefore making it more attractive to the corporate donor. He mentioned that by doing this, HOPE was actually able to raise seven times the amount raised from the ICOC “seed” money.”

A list of various HOPEworldwide documents including 990 and Annual Reports.


2007 – HOPEworldwide 990

2006 – HOPEworldwide 990

2005 – HOPEworldwide 990

2005 – HOPEworldwide Newsletter

2004 – HOPEworldwide 990

2004 – HOPE Annual Report

2003 – HOPE worldwide 990

2003 – HOPE Annual Report

2003 – HOPEworldwide HOPE filled news

2002 – HOPEworldwide 990

2002 – HOPEworldwide Annual Report

2001 – HOPE worldwide 990

2001 – HOPEworldwide Annual Report – Financial Supplement

2001 – HOPEworldwide Annual Report

2000 – HOPEworldwide 990

2000 – HOPEworldwide Financial Summary

1998 – HOPEworldwide 990

1997 – HOPEworldwide 990

HOPEworldwide Consolidated Subsidiaries

2008 – HOPEworldwide Consolidated Subsidiaries

2004 – HOPEworldwide Consolidated Subsidiaries

2001 – HOPEworldwide Consolidated Subsidiaries

2000 – HOPEworldwide Consolidated Subsidiaries

HOPEworldwide New England

2001 – HOPEworldwide New England 990

2001 – HOPEworldwide New England Form PC

2001 – HOPEworldwide New England Annual Report

2000 – HOPEworldwide New England Form PC

1999 – HOPEworldwide New England Form PC

1999 – HOPEworldwide New England 990

1998 – HOPEworldwide New England Form PC

1996 – HOPEworldwide New England Amended (2 pages)

HOPEworldwide Florida

1997 – HOPEworldwide – Florida – 1997 Programs and Fundraising

Sihanouk Hospital Center of Hope

2005 Sihanouk Hospital 990

2001 Sihanouk Hospital 990

1996 Opening Ceremony Sign

HOPE for Children Inc – Atlanta

2006 – HOPE for Children – Atlanta 990

2001 – HOPE for Children – Atlanta 990

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