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Riverside County Church of Christ

Sep 21st, 2010 | By | Category: Church Splits, disfellowship, Documents, Finances, Name Change

The following information has been gathered from several sources who were involved in the events and wrote about their experiences.

On July 23, 2003, the Riverside sector of the Inland Empire region of the LACC voted to approve a resolution asking to localize the administrative responsibilities and finances of the church. The resolution came in the form of a letter sent to the regional leader, Anthony Galang. It included specific duties the church felt it should be involved with and responsible for and Scriptures were included to explain their relevance. There were 12 points in all. The letter was the result of congregational surveys and polls. The Regional Financial Advisory Committee (RFAC) had several question and answer sessions with the church as well as several presentations. The information gathered from these meetings, together with the data from member feedback, was gathered together and became the outline for their expressed wishes. The members voted 116 to 4 in favor of the proposal. There were 2 abstentions.

These financial representatives were given the responsibility to make the wishes, needs, and concerns of its members known to the leaders in the hope of restoring trust and integrity in the finances of the church. After the letter was made public and disbursed to the surrounding leaders, no objections were initially made as to its contents or the manner in which it was worded, or the way in which the information was gleaned. A few weeks later, this changed.

On Monday, August 4th, a group of six elders from Los Angeles and nearby localities came into the Riverside area and held a meeting with the group’s evangelist, Tim Montoya. Tim is the full-time minister of the Riverside church.

On Tuesday, August 5th, five elders chaired a meeting between the regional RFAC members, a group representing all the various churches of the Inland Empire. During this time, the Riverside committee members, a group of three, were singled out and told they were being divisive and disunified.

On Wednesday, August 6th, Al Baird and Bruce Williams spoke to the Riverside church at their midweek devotional. Tim Montoya checked himself into the hospital on Wednesday, August 6th, complaining of chest pains.

November 2005 – Riverside Letter to LAICOC with their plan to incorporate as the Riverside County Church of Christ, to oversee their own finances and to appoint elders in their city.

July 2009 – Letter from LAICOC elders to Riverside effectively no longer allowing their participation in any activities sponsored by the LAICOC.

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