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Blaise Feumba – accused of greed and inappropriate use of church funds

May 7th, 2014 | By | Category: Africa/Carribean/Eastern States World Sector, Contribution, Finances, Incompetence, International Christian Church ICC, Kip McKean, Special Missions Contribution, Wrongdoings

2007-2008 – According to a letter from the NYC Church of Christ Elders, Ernst and Young (hired by the New York ICOC) determined Blaise Feumba leading the Abidjan Church of Christ was accused of greed and inappropriate use of church funds from the Ivory Coast Church and was forced to resign in 2008.

…in December, 2007, the elders and ministry leaders in the New York church became aware of serious issues regarding the leadership of the Abidjan church.  Some members of the Abidjan church had presented Blaise Feumba, the lead evangelist of the church, with a sixteen page letter, accusing him of greed and inappropriate use of church funds.  A transitional church board was formed, and board members began a process of investigating the accusations.  Blaise was temporarily removed as lead evangelist.

Mike Taliaferro and Herve Fleurant, former African missionaries with close ties to the Abidjan church, traveled from San Antonio, Texas, to Abidjan in late December, in an attempt to help the church deal with the issues and plan for the future.  The New York church contributed significantly toward the cost of that trip.

In a brief written statement read throughout the church, the elders of the New York church notified the congregation in early January, 2008, that Blaise had been removed from his position because of greed and that mission’s support was being withheld until an external audit of the Abidjan church’s finances could be conducted by a reputable accounting firm.

Some time after 2008, Feumba joined Kip McKean’s International Christian Church and is currently a Director of International Programs with MERCY Worldwide.

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