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Policy Documents invites the submission of any official ICOC policies not included here, whether on the local, world sector, or international level.  To date, the following documents and excerpts are in evidence:

In 2006 Andy Fleming released a Missions Support Report where he outlined the changes to each World Sector and how they would be funded.

ICOC Minimum Standards 2003 Summary of Changes

ICOC Minimum Standards 2003

International Churches of Christ – Charter Affiliation Agreement – June 1, 2003  – This is the document that local churches would sign in order to be considered in the ICOC

ICOC serves as an “Affiliation of Churches,” or the central organization through which local church congregations affiliate, associate, fellowship and cooperate with one another to pursue certain common goals and objectives.

ICOC Administrative Policies 2001 INDEX

ICOC Administrative Policies 2001

· International Churches of Christ, Office of General Counsel, 2001 Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

2001 Salary Calculator

October 1, 2001 – ICOC Administrative Policies – 524 pages

October 1, 2001 – ICOC Administrative Policies – 499 pages

ICOC Administrative Guidelines 1998

1998 MEWS Association Agreement – This is the agreement that binds the San Diego Church with MEWS – We suppose other World Sectors signed similar agreements.  This agreement makes the MEWS World Sector an association member of the ICOC.

MEWS is one of eight geographic, US based religious corporations known as World Sectors, all of which are association members of the International Churches of Christ (ICC), a California nonprofit religious corporation and Association of churches. The other World Sector corporations that are association members of ICC are Northern Federation World Sector, China World Sector, Pacific Rim World Sector, ACES World Sector, Central and South America World Sector, British Commonwealth World Sector Corporation, and New England & Continental Europe World Sector. Each of the eight World Sector corporations also serve as an Association of Churches. The membership of each World Sector Association of Churches is comprised of local church congregations in the US and throughout the world (the “Local Churches”), which fall within its geographic territory. All the World Sector corporations and their respective Local Churches, together with ICC, and the ICC’s two support organizations, Kingdom News Network and International Churches of Christ Mission Society, collectively form the worldwide “movement” commonly known as The International Churches of Christ (the “CHURCH”). Each of these organizations and all the Local Churches have been part of the CHURCH from their inception. The purpose of this Assocation Agreement is to formalize and document the understanding and agreement between MEWS in its capacity as an Association of Churches, and it’s association membership, the Local Churches that fall within its geographic territory (“Members”).

From this World Sector Agreement it appears that the only members of the ICOC are the Local Churches, the Association of World Sectors, Kingdom News Network and the International Churches of Christ Mission Society (ICCMS).

The ICCMS is a mystery to many.  Did you know that the ICCMS collected the special mission contributions from the Local Churches/World Sectors.  And it was the ICCMS that distributed the SMC to the World Sectors.

The ACES World Financial Plans show a line item specifically for ICCMS.

This one page document from an unknown church, although we believe it is from the NYC Church,  shows a decision by the local church board of directors of unconditional support to HOPE and ICCMS

ICOC Charter Affiliation Agreement Template

FAQ Disciples Handbook 1997

ICOC Articles of Incorporation 1997 Template

ICOC Corporate By-laws 1997 Template

1994 ICOC Media Kit

November 15, 1993 – ICOC United States Church Guidelines for Administrative Policies  Part 1 (149 pages), Part 2 (141 pages)Part 3 (181 pages)

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