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1. All (or nearly all) of the ICOC churches and other corporate entities (including HOPE worldwide, LTD) deliberately defrauded the US  Government when applying for tax-exempt status.

2. HOPE worldwide, LTD has routinely and deliberately committed multiple acts of misrepresentation and conversion of funds. Further, there are many cases in which HOPE has contributed to the inurement of both HOPE employees and ICOC employees.

3. Funds have been regularly and deliberately converted from “contribution for the poor” collections to other uses that have nothing to do with “the poor”.

4. Funds have been regularly and deliberately converted from “Special Missions Contribution” collections to other uses that have nothing to do with “missions”.

5. Funds have been regularly and deliberately converted from “regular contribution” (said to be for the local functioning of the church) to other uses. that have nothing to do with the local church.

6. Contrary to ICOC’s own written policy, funds collected for restricted purposes were not kept in restricted accounts, but routinely went into the general coffers.

7. Leaders conspired to mislead the members as to the high level of their compensation, boasting about what great financial “sacrifices” they were making to have given up their lucrative worldly jobs in order to serve in the ministry.

8. Leaders have deliberately concealed early (and later) acts of unconscionable immorality in order to protect the pristine image of the church and to keep the members’ cash contributions coming.

9. Leaders have routinely and deceptively assured the members that the financial affairs of the church were handled with utmost righteousness, and that they need not be concerned with such.

10. Members and former members alike have been illegally refused in their attempts to see the books. Through methods such as intimidating the interested party into withdrawing his request, lying that it was “illegal” to show the records, putting people out of the church for demanding to see the books, etc. they have protected these records with great diligence.

11. Leaders have illegally inured (benefited) from the profits of the church.

12. Members have been coerced into giving their money under threat of Hell.

13. Members have been forced under threat of Hell to “volunteer” for the “charity” run by the church (HOPE worldwide, LTD).

14. Members were given misleading information to use while soliciting funds for ICOC and for HOPE worldwide, LTD.

15. The ICOC deliberately acted in ways that were out of character with their stated beliefs and practices because such hypocrisy was necessary to keep the money coming in as desired. is in the process of documenting all these wrongdoings and more. If you have any information, suggestions, or analysis to provide, please contact us.